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Probation & Community Control Violations & Early Terminations

​15 Years, 150 Jury Trials, Experience Matters!

Supervision (Probation, Community Control) is a very common outcome in a lot of felony cases, and some misdemeanor cases as well. Due to the often rigid rules and constraints, it is also very common for people to violate their supervision. This causes their probation officer to file an affidavit and warrant with the judge. When this happens, you can face the maximum amount of jail or prison time that you were facing on the original charge. This would be a worst-case-scenario.

Attorney Brian F. Greenwald seeks to avoid this by using his years of knowledge and experience to work with the Broward Sheriff's Office, Department of Corrections, and the State Attorney's Office to avoid issues before they occur. Mr. Greenwald has successfully argued early termination for hundreds of clients over the years, in addition to countless modifications of supervision


Should you find yourself in violation, Mr. Greenwald will use his vast Courtroom experience to your benefit. He has been to trial over 150 times as lead counsel, and has argued numerous Violations of Probation cases to final hearing

Navigating through the criminal justice system can be a very overwhelming experience. It is likely that you have many unanswered questions. Call today or fill out the form below for a free consultation. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help. 

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Brian Frederick Greenwald, Esq.

Brian Greenwald has been helping people with their probation issues his entire legal career. He works with the Broward Sheriff's Office or Department of Corrections to address supervision issues before they become violations. These include modifications and motions for early termination

If you are faced with a violation, Mr. Greenwald has ​been aggressively fighting probation warrants in the Courtrooms for over 15 years. These include technical and new law allegations on every level of misdemeanor and felony supervision. Mr. Greenwald is experienced defending violations of probation, community control, drug offender probation, youthful offender probation, mental health probation, drug court supervision, and veteran's court supervision.

Mr. Greenwald has been to trial over 150 times as lead counsel. He has defended just about every type of case in the criminal justice system, from ​​juvenile offenses, all the way to felonies punishable by life in prison. He is an experienced litigator who is dedicated to providing you with the best possible outcome on your probation charges.  

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