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Latest COVID-19 Information and Resources for Remote ZOOM Court Hearings and Procedures - Broward County

***Updated 12/09/2020

The Broward Courthouse continues to remain CLOSED to the public for  in-person Court Hearings. Only in very limited circumstances will there be in-person hearings conducted at this stage.  The Courthouse is, however, open to the public for Clerk of Court Services at all Broward County Courthouse locations.​ If you received a Court Notice saying that you have a court appearance, mandatory or otherwise, then it is most likely over ZOOM. By most likely, I mean 99.999%, because I can't stress this enough... DUE TO THE PANDEMIC ALL COURT HEARINGS ARE REMOTE.

There are many Clerk of Court Services available online at, that would save you time and an unnecessary trip to the courthouse:

  • Pay traffic tickets and fines online

  • Conditional Plea of No Contest and Waiver of Appearance

  • File court documents electronically

  • Purchase electronic certified court documents online

  • Postpone your jury service

  • Apply for Criminal Indigent Status

Hearings are conducted 5 days a week, from 9am to 5pm using the ZOOM platform. You can find links to all of the remote Courtrooms using the searchable judicial directory.

**To use a touch tone phone/Dial by location use one of the following numbers followed by the division Judge’s unique meeting ID:

      (888) 475-4499          (786) 635-1003

      (833) 548-0276          (312) 626-6799

      (833) 548-0282          (646) 876-9923

      (877) 853-5257          (408) 638-0968

ZOOM Court Information

After weighing all the risks, if you decide that you MUST go to the Courthouse in-person, please note that all persons entering Courthouse buildings must wear a face covering at all times and practice social distancing.

***Update 6/01/2020

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Effective June 1, 2020, the Broward County Clerk of Courts office is opening all clerk functions at all courthouses, thus allowing members of the public entry into any Broward courthouse to conduct business at the Clerks' offices. Any previous order permitting public access to courthouses will remain in place. All courtrooms will remain closed. After consultation and upon agreement, Court Administration, the State Attorney’s Office, and the Public Defender’s Offices will continue their remote operations. Court activity will continue to be conducted via Zoom. Anyone visiting any Broward courthouse to conduct business at the Clerk's office are required to wear a mask and have their temperature taken prior to entry. Social distancing measures will be in place where visitors will conduct business, and sanitizing will be increased in all areas by county staff.

***Update 3/17/2020

All grand jury proceedings, jury selection proceedings, and criminal and civil jury trials are suspended until further notice. All time periods involving the speedy trial procedure, in criminal and juvenile court proceedings, are suspended until further notice.

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